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Carpet Guide

Nothing competes with the soft, cozy, and comfortable aesthetic of carpet. There are a wide range of benefits to choosing this type of flooring for your home or business, including added insulation, noise control, slip-resistance, and softness underfoot. At McLean's Flooring in Stellarton, NS, we have one of the largest flooring selections in the Atlanta area. Our carpet inventory includes a beautiful range of stylish collections that are luxuriously silky, stain-resistant, and durable. Our impressive selection includes cutting-edge options like waterproof carpet lines, along with classics such as wool, polyester, and nylon. Our products are geared towards both residential and commercial installations.



Different Types of Carpet

Carpets are defined by the material they're made of, along with their construction. You can choose from carpet piles that are cut low, medium, and high. You can also select carpet constructions with loop piles, which are woven in loops to create a silky texture or cut piles that have their ends exposed for an inviting, cozy effect. Carpet fibres can be made from synthetic or natural materials, including nylon, which is considered the most durable option available, and wool, an eco-friendly and natural choice.



Where Can Carpet Be Installed

Carpet is ideal for essentially anywhere in your home except the kitchen and bathroom. While it should be installed in low-moisture spaces, our waterproof carpets can handle the occasional spill or pet accident. Our high traffic carpet collections include features like stain and crush-resistance. These are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and more. We also have floor carpet tiles, which are perfect for playrooms and commercial settings because each carpet square can easily be replaced if damaged.



Our Carpet Selection

If you're wondering where to buy carpet, look no further than our Stellarton, Nova Scotia location. We have the top luxury carpet selection in the area with a 2,300 square foot showroom and plenty of inventory. We also offer excellent carpet deals and our local professionals are here to really get to know you and your needs. We don’t sell just to sell, but are focused on finding the best product for you – whether you have young children, pets, an active family, and more. Our top carpet brands include Tigressá®, Innovia Xtreme Clean™, OATH by Resista®, Extreme Value, and Relax, it’s...Lees®. Contact us today or plan a visit to learn more.


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How to Maintain Carpet

Learn more about properly caring for your carpet floors so that they last and stay looking beautiful over the years.



What are the DifferentTypes of Carpet?

Develop a better understanding of the different types of carpet available and the wide range of textures and constructions to choose from.



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